Community Service Ideas and Neighborhood Projects

Discover your next project to enhance your community

Are you searching for community service ideas? Below you will find quick and easy neighborhood projects for students, families, and individuals looking to serve their community. Do you want to partner with a local school to start a reading program or join community leaders to volunteer at a homeless shelter? Whichever community service idea speaks to your heart, D.R.E.W. Projects roots for you and offers helpful tips and tricks to kickstart your initiative. Browse our gallery of community service ideas and visit our D.R.E.W. Projects Project Lab to learn how to put together an action plan to improve your neighborhood.

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Get a group of friends and team up with schools in your community to offer free tutoring. 


Host a Kids Art Walk in your community and feature local artists.


Adopt a Senior and help them with grocery shopping, yard work, and good company. 


Time to get geeked! Host a neighborhood Hackathon at your local community center.


Partner with your local Recs & Parks to host a community talent showcase.


Make it a family day and volunteer at your local Homeless shelter.