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Happy New Year 2024, Farewell 2023

Happy New Year 2023
Happy New Year 2024

Hello, 2024! It's so lovely to meet you. Our team at D.R.E.W. Projects, Inc. is excited to expand our territory this year with new initiatives, new project ideas, and new collaborations that will further our mission to empower 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in the United States with the resources they need to build stronger communities. Apryle will speak to this more in our post revealing our Vision Board for 2024. For now, join me as I reflect on our 2023 accomplishments, which we call 'Impact Moments.'

Farewell 2023, but not on a down note. D.R.E.W. Projects, Inc. has enjoyed your company and then some. You've sent many new friends our way to support issues we deem significant. In 2023, our organization had an uptick in Impact Moments that I will highlight below and cherish forever.

2023 Impact Moments (Visual)

2023 Impact Moments
2023 Impact Moments

2023 Impact Moments for Readers 

  • Increase in D.R.E.W. Projects Ambassadors: 11 community members, two businesses, one college club, and 1 Girl Scout Troop across California engaged in more period product drives than the year before. Their hearts were BIG, and their impact was BIGGER. Thanks to their efforts, our organization dedicated over 350 feminine hygiene kits (1,738-period products) to 4 service providers, serving unhoused women and girls. Our 2023 rolling goal for the Women's Health Initiative was to dedicate 1500 feminine hygiene kits by year-end of 2023. We came in at 1172 and couldn't be prouder of all the support.

  • New Project Event: D.R.E.W. Projects, Inc. experienced a lot of firsts in 2023. Our team collaborated with a local college club, American Medical Women's Association-CSUN, to launch our first on-campus outreach event to bring awareness on how to #endperiodpoverty. Students were interested in this topic and excited about the possibility of attending a fireside chat to learn more, which we plan to launch in 2024. Additionally, our sisters in A.M.W.A. will help us expand our efforts in 2024 to discuss menstruation education to help #endperiodstigma. Click the link in the hashtag if you are a college student who wants to stay informed and join the conversation.

  • New Project Collaborator: Our first youth collaboration goes to Girl Scout Troop 2435, which created feminine hygiene kits as part of one of their service projects. Though we didn't publish their photos for privacy concerns, imagine 8–10-year-olds working as a team to help end period poverty for women and girls experiencing homelessness. Such a hefty charge for the minis, but they got the job done. Get the details.

  • Global Reach: Participated in the 2023 MHDay Action Cycle Report for Menstrual Hygiene.

Our organization has a passion for helping non-profit organizations in many sectors. Check out our complete list of initiatives, so you have an idea of what all D.R.E.W. Projects, Inc. brings to the community. 




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