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Kayla and Will Help End Period Poverty

Celebrating community members taking ACTION.

Adria, Kayla, and Apryle
Adria, Kayla, and Apryle
Feminine Hygiene Product Donations
Feminine Hygiene Product Donations

Happy New Year! Apryle and I are back in full effect. We are rested, invested, and ready to go! What better way to kick off 2023 than to highlight community members giving back?

Today, we received a tremendous amount of donated feminine hygiene products from our new friends Kayla and Will. Kayla decided to host a donation drive/fundraiser for her birthday. It goes without saying that her efforts were a success. She (and Will) donated 30 feminine hygiene kits, which included (54 packages of wipes, ten boxes of panty liners, 15 menstrual cups, 88 boxes/packages of pads, and 69 boxes of tampons). Whoa! That is awesome sauce!

On behalf of our organization, we like to thank Kayla and Will for supporting our Women's Health Initiative to end period poverty for women and girls experiencing homelessness and girls living in poverty.

Apryle and I look forward to donating these products to a local non-profit organization.


Adria & Apryle


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