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Reflections: Share the Dignity Global Period Poverty Forum

Share the Dignity: Global Period Poverty Forum
Share the Dignity: Global Period Poverty Forum

Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Global Period Poverty Forum hosted in BRISBANE, QLD AUSTRALIA. Of course, I attended virtually (bummer!) due to a schedule conflict and more so due to inflation-have you seen the price of airline tickets? However, our D.R.E.W. Projects team does plan to attend any future conferences in person the next go round (note to self to add this as a budget line item). I digress.

Imagine a conference of world-class period rockstars uniting to end period poverty. That is what the Global Period Poverty Forum was all about. It was a pink & red party for sure, and one you can join by helping D.R.E.W. Projects meet its goal of dedicating 1000 feminine hygiene kits to women and girls experiencing homelessness by the end of December 2022. Donate feminine hygiene kits today!

About Last Night (well 3 nights because of the time difference)

A Few Takeaways

  1. Ending period poverty and period stigma is an ongoing issue facing the world.

  2. Menstruation is a rights issue, and no woman or girl should face stigma when mensurating (#human dignity).

  3. Legislation and advocacy are happening in many countries around the period tax, period policies, and funding.

  4. It is not just about access to period products but about providing access to quality period products.

  5. Men are welcomed in the period space. They must understand women and girls' challenges when facing period poverty and stigma. Let's normalize this conversation.

  6. Research and Data are critical to understanding the global impact of period poverty, stigma, and education.

  7. Menstrual education is key to expanding awareness and supporting families and women & girls in better understanding their bodies and periods. Additionally, offering MH education to leaders and community members encourages them to join forces and take action to combat period poverty and stigma.

  8. Cultural awareness and cultural competence are needed when addressing period education, policies, and best practices in different communities.

  9. How does climate change impact period poverty?

  10. The period advocates, researchers, policy makers, funders, practitioners are rockstars!

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