About D.R.E.W. Projects


About D.R.E.W. Projects

How it all started...and eight post-its later...

In 2016, while waiting to de-board a plane in Los Angeles, California, Adria and I discussed how we could significantly impact local and global communities. Since we were little girls, it had been our passion to serve communities worldwide--a fondness that grew out of volunteering and Girl Scouts. Through our volunteer and professional experience, we have encountered numerous non-profits addressing the challenge of "not enough." What better time to take ACTION? We explored some options after a few sips of water, a mouthful of peanuts, and the stewardess's voice apologizing for the delay.

Within minutes, I had an idea. What if we focused our efforts on helping local and global non-profit organizations have the resources to serve their community better? How would this work? Through in-house community initiatives? Adria pulled out her blue pen and drafted the details on a post-it. Naturally, she and I discussed the pros and cons of the plan, which initiatives spoke dearly to our hearts, and the types of resources to dedicate to non-profits. After vetting the idea through our "is-this-our-purpose" checklist, we decided that starting D.R.E.W. Projects felt right!

D.R.E.W. Projects is a dedicated team of community-focused people who care about local and global issues and choose to be a part of the solution. Our organization believes in expanding our territory and working without walls in partnership with local and global non-profits to make communities better. Our team wants our efforts to inspire individuals to become more involved in their neighborhoods. If we all work together, we can improve individuals' lives in their backyard and around the world.

D.R.E.W. Projects is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment within our organization and community partnerships. We have a nondiscriminatory approach and respect gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, identity, education, or disability.


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