D.R.E.W. Projects Women's Health Initiative

What is the D.R.E.W. Projects Women's Health Initiative?

The D.R.E.W. Projects Women's Health Initiative aims to end period poverty for thousands of women and girls experiencing homelessness in local and global communities.


Across the world, women face financial barriers when it comes to getting access to sanitary products. Oftentimes, they have to make a tough decision between purchasing food or buying feminine products. The issue is even more pressing when you are experiencing housing instability. As part of our initiative, we want to help relieve the burden for as many women & girls as possible.


Our commitment is to help unhoused women and girls access period products, such as tampons, pads, panty liners, etc. By dedicating feminine hygiene kits to local 501(c)(3) non-profits that serve this population, we can increase access for as many women and girls as possible. Additionally, if we can help local non-profits build up their resource closets with feminine hygiene products, they can reallocate their funding towards services or housing.


To help kick off this initiative, D.R.E.W. Projects will provide 1000 feminine hygiene kits to a local community non-profit organization in Los Angeles County. Every two years, we plan to double the number of kits donated to serve as many women and girls as we can. In addition to our local efforts, D.R.E.W. Projects will partner with Wash United for their Menstrual Hygiene Day campaign, which focuses on global menstruation management education.

Women's Health Initiative Activities

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Feminine Hygiene Kit

Each year, D.R.E.W. Projects will select local community non-profit organizations (within the U.S.) to donate feminine hygiene kits. Each kit will consist of pads, tampons, panty liners, cleansing wipes, hand sanitizers, and a sweet treat. For convenience and simplicity, we will package the items in a pink, reusable tote bag for on-the-go replenishment.

Youth Conference


D.R.E.W. Projects, Inc. will host workshops starting in 2023 for students and community members about why menstruation matters, inform them of the misinformation and stigmas surrounding menstruation, and the global impact of building awareness about good menstrual hygiene management. #endperiodstigma

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Annual Celebrations

As a part of this year's theme, #WeAreCommitted and as a partner with MHDay Global, D.R.E.W. Projects, Inc. will celebrate MHDay on the annual awareness day of May 28th by dedicating feminine hygiene kits to local drop-in centers in Los Angeles, serving women and girls experiencing homelessness. Additionally, we will host a local annual Menstruation event celebrating women, girls, and periods. We stand in solidarity with organizations abroad, shifting from a call to action to committing to action. #EndPeriodPoverty#PeriodEducationForAll.