D.R.E.W. Projects Board Members

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Adria Brodie

Board President

Adria earned her bachelor's degree in music at Cal Poly Pomona and a second bachelor's degree in journalism from California State University, Northridge. She is a 11-year veteran in tech, who has worked in SEO and Product Management.


Passionate about writing, Adria spends her time reading and working on her literature novel, including a few short stories. She also enjoys entering amateur online photo contests and hopes to dive deeper into photography to tell local and global community stories.

Apryle Brodie Board Pic.jpg

Apryle Brodie

Board Vice President

Apryle earned her bachelor's degree in music at Cal Poly Pomona and a second bachelor's degree in sociology from California State University, Northridge. A few years later, Apryle received a master's degree in public administration. Apryle has worked in the field of Homelessness for eleven + years.


In her spare time, Apryle enjoys reading, listening to live music, and traveling around the world. She loves all things fuchsia or dark pink.


Brittney Daniel

Board Member

Brittney is a Geography professor from Carson, Ca. Brittney earned her bachelor's degree from Cal-State University Long Beach, and a master's degree from NYU, both in geography and urban planning.


Passionate about ending homelessness, Brittney has worked for various nonprofits researching data to find trends to procure funding and bring new partners to the table. In her spare time, she serves breakfast every Friday on Skid Row, helps organize TEDxCrenshaw, swims, travels, cooks, collects sneakers and spends time with family all while pursuing her Ph.D.

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Your timing is excellent! We are so interested in new people helping us find and develop sustainable solutions to address the needs of local and global communities. As a dedicated board member, you can help us fulfill our mission to become the leading partner of community-focused projects for local and global non-profits. 

We need people like you who have various skills, background, talents, and perspectives to help D.R.E.W. Projects become visible and viable in California and around the world. 

  • Are you interested in and committed to serving your community?

  • Are you interested in and committed to making a global impact?

  • Do you have current volunteer or board member experience?

  • Are you available to serve on the board for a minimum of one year?

If you answered yes to the questions above and would like more information on how to join our board, please email us at info@drewprojects.org.