D.R.E.W. Projects Arts & Humanities Initiative

What is the D.R.E.W. Projects Arts & Humanities Initiative?

The D.R.E.W. Projects Arts & Humanities Initiative promotes cultural diversity through Arts by exposing communities to ballet, theatre, poetry, art walks, lit crawls, museums and concerts. In addition to art exposure, The D.R.E.W. Cultural Experience engages with members of the community in conversations about literature, history, and philosophy.

Why are Arts & Humanities Important?

Arts & Humanities are important because it gives individuals an opportunity to view the world through a different lens. Not only can communities embrace cultural diversity and creativity, but also they can understand the history of Arts and how it impacts human culture.

Additional D.R.E.W. Projects Arts & Humanities Initiatives

  • Community Art Clinics

  • A Night with D.R.E.W. & Friends - A Dialogue About Arts, Humanities, and Society.