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Global Partners with D.R.E.W. Projects

Building relationships with a diverse group of organizations to address world issues

D.R.E.W. Projects partner with global non-profit organizations to better the lives of individuals and communities. We work with our international partners to expand their outreach and bring attention to world issues, such as lack of education, women's health, entrepreneurship, economic inequality, gender equity, and women's rights. Our goal is to maximize the impact of resource sharing and capacity building to implement projects around the world. 

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We believe in looking at the resource needs of the world around us. If we come together through local and global partnerships, we can do more than bring awareness to a problem, we can find a sustainable solution.


~Adria Brodie, Co-Founder of D.R.E.W. Projects

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While it is our mission to support as many global partners as we can, we do not guarantee that all partnership submissions will be accepted. Our organization goes through a vetting process to thoroughly research and understand potential global partners. This process can take several weeks with final approval from our board of directors.

How to Become a Global Partner?

If your organizational efforts align with one of our D.R.E.W. Project Initiatives, take the next step to partner with us.

Global Non-Profit Partnership

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Our Global Partners

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