How to Make the D.R.E.W. Projects MHDay Bracelet

As you know, D.R.E.W. Projects kickstart our outreach campaign on May 21st to count down our celebration for Wash United Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019. Joining organizations across the world, we created an MHDay bracelet as part of our initial pledge to educate girls ages 10-19 years old about menstruation management and hygiene. Below is a photo of our finished product. Apryle and I are super proud.

D.R.E.W. Projects MHDay 2019 Bracelet

How to make the D.R.E.W. Projects MHDay Bracelet?

First, you purchase two canisters of colorful beads. Second, you buy a roll of elastic cord. Finally, you mix and match your colors to make a bracelet of 28 beads, including five red ones to symbolize the menstrual cycle.

D.R.E.W. Projects MHDay 2019 Bracelet Kit