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Feminine Hygiene Kit Donation Roundup

Feminine hygiene kit donation
Feminine hygiene kit donation

For all the Period Ambassadors, what a week! We had a lot of engagement and interest in supporting our Women's Health Initiative, which provides access to period products to nonprofit organizations serving unhoused women and girls.

Shout out to Lauren B, who celebrated her birthday by purchasing feminine hygiene items to donate to D.R.E.W. Projects, Inc. after seeing the increased number of homeless people in and around Los Angeles. She donated 10 boxes of large quantity pads, 3 boxes of large quantity tampons, and 1 large quantity of wipes. Sweet!!!!

Omnicom feminine hygiene kit donation
Omnicom feminine hygiene kit donation

Thank you, Google! After searching online, our new friends at Omnicom contacted our organization to host a period drive in honor of Women's Month. The team collected 19 boxes and packages of pads, 28 boxes of tampons, 3 menstrual cups, 1 Femi box of panties, 18 packets of cleansing wipes, and 12 boxes of panty liners. We appreciate local businesses helping us supply nonprofits with these products for the women and girls they serve.

Stay tuned for more period action!!!


Apryle & Adria


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